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Channeled writing

July 16, 2018

I started to write in my journal and this is how far I got.

The house fire stripped me down to my bare soul. I feel stuck and stagnant. Like I can’t seem to let go and move forward. Why does it continue to have a hold on me? What are the invisible forces that I cannot see that keep me white knuckling it through each day? It feels like I have shut down. Turned off and escaped my life that I don’t recognize anymore. The good and the bad. I call out to my God, my Source to help me see the answers that I seek. What do I need to do in order to let go and start again?

I then got the urge to channel source and write what it was that I needed to know. Here is what was written that didn’t come from me in this human mind.

Time. Time is our only healer. Working through the magic of what life is. Bringing you one step at a time. Get out of your mind and allow flow of spirit and light. Look to the source which is within you and ready to shine instead of just trying to go it alone. We are all one and everything around us offers healing in it’s own way. Everything has energy. You absorb it as well as it absorbs you. You can’t expect it to heal you when you haven’t cleared your own energy. Pay attention to your intuition it is always communicating with you. You can’t force anything as it’s not time yet. You are perfect in every way and this is all part of the plan. You haven’t completed all that you want to at this point because simply you’re not supposed to yet. Divine timing is in play and you can’t change it without feeling the resistance. Sometimes resistance is not a bad thing but a means for us to help you gain your ground so to speak. Like a foundation for the next move to your higher being. You know that when you get the urge to do something, that is your higher self guiding you but you resist it thinking that there are other things you are supposed to be doing first. For this week follow your natural urges and instinct without trepidation or rules. You will see in the end where it’s leading you. Success and abundance is a given. It will come to you. The manifestation is already in motion. There is no checklist or criteria to meet other than listening to the source within you and base your existence on living as the source you are. Rules don’t apply in this direction you are going. It’s something completely new and special only for you. This is what you were created for. You are stuck because you put yourself in a box with lists and you expect to follow that order. For a month we have been guiding you, but you have not followed. The appearance of being stuck is you interpreting these messages as going off track when really it is meant to keep you on track and learn the lessons you are to take with you. Stop what you are trying to force yourself to do in order to check it off your list and listen deeply. This week is for you to connect and proceed by intuition and spiritual guidance. You have perceived that you stepped off the path because you have changed and evolved to the next level. YOu have no idea what that means until you get yourself to zero and then you will see clearly. Shut it all down. Get into bed and clear your mind. Let go of the noise in your mind and expectations of yourself and which direction you think you should be going in. There’s a major shift coming and we want you ready for it. We are preparing you for something great. I know you can feel it, sense it and that it makes you uneasy. You see, ascending is not a comfortable process it can feel like everything is wrong with how it is in linear fashion. You will come to recognize those steps as you transcend. Right now you don’t recognize it. You’re too focused on what needs to get done as your human experience when it’s really time to go within and follow your guides as the shift is inevitable. Don’t think ahead. Stay in the moment. Embrace the tasks you are being guided to enter. This is your tipping point. Flow with it. Flow into it. Realize it. Answer the special call to wisdom and healing. That is all for now. Free write tmrw and we will give you more.

Then I wrote down Akron. No idea what that means. I’m sure I will find out at some point.

I looked it up and it means ‘elevation’ highest point/summit. Highest extreme of earth and heaven.


CourtLand Bound
CourtLand Bound
Apr 11, 2022

Did thar stuck feeling ever go away? If so how and when I feel as you did four years ago.


Camillia Temple
Camillia Temple
Nov 23, 2021

So Inspiring, I sensed as I read what you channeled that my Inner Devine was telling me " See We all all guiding you with that same languge you recognize in hers as in your guidance, this is your confirmation" . Thankyou Heather, looking forward to making contact with you in that perfect moment(((*)))

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