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Read below what brought me to where I am today.

I was born in 1971 to a couple of wild and crazy parents. They were a young 20 yrs old with a two year old and newborn identical twins. We are lucky we survived!

Growing up with Walter and Vikki was a made for TV sitcom. They were active in the theatre, professional DJ’s and constant entertainment. My brother was born legally blind. I can recall him chasing us around and running into trees because he couldn’t see where he was going. My sister is well known as ‘the evil twin’ in that she has always been a handful. I share stories in my blog to help you get an understanding of what I’ve experienced so far.

I became a Registered nurse in my mid twenties. I originally went for Psychology, but didn’t do very well academically. I thought it would be best to stay clear since my response to ‘what would you say to this mentally ill patient’ was always wrong. Funny how that came full circle with my son and I was actually really good at it! He went through severe bullying from the 6th grade on. We switched schools a couple of times and even took out a loan to send him to Jesus school. That didn’t work either. We used unconventional methods to help him grow and he’s thriving today!

My daughter was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disorder at 14. Took a couple of years and painful doctor visits to finally get a diagnosis. There were many hospital stays, feeding tubes and infusions that she still gets every month at 21 years old. My husband is a recovering alcoholic and I love him more and more every day.

I lost my mother in August of 2015 to mesothelioma. We brought her home to die and I didn’t leave her side for 30 days. That was very hard, but also extremely rewarding. Less than a year later, my father committed suicide on Father’s Day. I was able to talk to both of my parents, tell them how much I appreciated and loved them for who they were and hold them when it came time for them to leave this world. I consider that a huge gift.

I have been diagnosed with multiple birth defects that causes nerve pain. I had brain surgery twice and suffered a few complications. I have been through the medical system on both sides and I know first hand how frustrating, lonely and biased it can be. I’m dedicating the rest of my life to help others make it through as seamlessly as possible. Especially parents of children with chronic conditions. Any health problems mental or physical. That is just a snapshot of my history and now I’m going to tell you how I became a spiritual life coach.

In February of 2016 I had to stop working on the labor and delivery unit due to some health issues. I lost 3cm of muscle mass on my right side and I was struggling to get through each shift. After months of doctor appointments I was told that I needed to go to the ALS clinic in Boston. This was a really low point for me in that I loved my job and wasn’t good at laying around waiting for answers. I ended up in bed for a few months just shutting down physically and mentally. I found it hard to walk any distance or climb stairs. Those few months are known as the ‘dark night of the soul’. It’s an opportunity for rebirth or to awaken. One day I got up and walked outside. I took off my socks and walked to the backyard where I layed down in the grass. I felt the earth under me, I saw the richness in the colors around me and I listened to the music of the wind in the trees with the birds singing along. Then I was surrounded by dragonflies. They danced around me as I felt myself waking up. Healing through mother earth. From that point on I researched spirituality, intuition and natural healing methods. It was the start of an amazing journey to wellness. That included the realization that I was finally on the path I was meant to be on at this time in my life.

Just when I thought the universe had given me enough ‘lessons’ to nudge me into spiritual awakening, our house burned down. I found myself having to release attachments and feeling bare naked. I was literally starting over from scratch. It was time to move forward and reinvent myself. My story and who I was in this lifetime was about to take a drastic change.

I welcome you to enjoy my blog as I grow.

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Blaque Mystique
Blaque Mystique
Dec 25, 2020

What kind eyes 💕 your parents sound so creative. Has to be where you get your empathy from. They go hand in hand both come from spirit. I’m so glad your son is thriving. Your walk with your daughter. How hard for her and a teen too?! Smh crazy. She is blessed to have you. As to your husband, I am grateful he is sober and working the 12 steps. It sounds like he is there for you. Your life has been more than challenging. Had a couple minutes I want to learn your story. Gnite dear merry Christmas to you and yours💕 Lynn

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