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Life Centered Therapy healing

  • 1 h
  • 125 US dollars
  • Online or In Person

Service Description

Life Centered Therapy is a form of energy healing that creates an evolution to health, wholeness and freedom. It’s a unique integration of traditional and body centered psychotherapies, energy healing and spirituality. Freedom from suffering can be achieved by either healing the problem itself or by changing your limiting relationship to the problem. This includes behaviors, boundaries and/or emotions. When you begin to heal, your energy centers/chakras are open and your meridians are flowing. Trauma clouds these fields and blocks flow. This can create physical discomfort, disengagement with life and feeling broken. When we are not living life to the fullest there may be something that needs to be unblocked and healed to bring us back to our truest form of self. We attract what we need in order to heal and grow. This can include patterns and blocks that continue to repeat in our lives as a way to remember that there was a trauma that needs to be brought out and released. This therapy helps to speed up that process in a way that does not re-traumatize you. The way that LCT does this is by accessing universal energy and the all knowing for the health, healing and evolvement of the whole. What we know to be true on a soul level gives us unlimited power in the energetic as well as the physical form. This is why we use muscle testing/energy testing to guide the process. It’s the level of consciousness that is known as life force energy, prana or Qi. Life force energy is the ultimate form of consciousness that we have access to in this lifetime. With LCT, I use energy testing to discover what your true highest intention is for health and healing during your session. This can be done long distance. We work together as a team and allow your life force energy, that is all knowing, to lead us on a journey to where a trauma originated. This is when a sensation is born in the body that holds the story of that trauma. It is released by focusing on it, becoming it, experiencing or witnessing it and then letting it go. The dense energy dissolves and the sensation or sensations go away. For more information please visit

Cancellation Policy

Payment required prior to appointment no refund for missed appointments

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