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What is Common Ground Healing?

We all have the ability and the right to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

No two experiences are the same and healing is very individual, but we all have some form of trauma that hasn't been released. We hold onto it like that old pair of ripped jeans that we just can't seem to let go of. There's lots of wear and tear, but it fits so perfectly and supports all the right areas. That's what makes them feel so comforting. Getting a new pair would be too risky and there's a break in period and oh my God, what if I end up not liking them? The problem is that eventually that worn part on the ass of those loyal pair of jeans will eventually give out.

It could even happen in public exposing a sensitive area of our being. Ever cried at work even though you tried like hell to hold it in? That would be your old jeans finally giving out because you put comfort over change. For some, old wounds serve them well. It is an excuse to withdraw, to remain angry or even resist personal growth in that with growth comes growing pains.

What we all have in common is the free will to face our fears and move forward. To figure out what our true purpose is in this lifetime that brings us and others joy. It certainly isn't to be unhappy and chronically ill.

How do you know when you're ready to heal? When the body is in a chronic state of resistance to what we truly want it can present as pain, fatigue, depression and/or anxiety. The list goes on for negative vibrations. The hormonal imbalances created by the body being in constant fight or flight mode/stress can cause skin conditions, digestive issues, headaches and even autoimmune dysfunction. Then we end up creating the emotion of being sick and tired of being sick and tired. That just keeps us feeling sick and tired. What your body is telling you is that your mind wants something different, but your emotions won't follow. We have learned in this society to mask our symptoms with medications, to stuff our emotions down deep and to continue the fruitless search for a medical label and the miracle cure. The truth is that our body and mind know how to heal. We have complete and total control of our mind and emotions. If we can get a hold of that power than we can ultimately get our body to cooperate. Each individual cell has a distinct role in the function of our whole system. We can allow our body to do what it needs to do if we can get out of the way. Focusing on the physical problem gives it fuel and nourishment to grow. Our mind is like fertilizer. It feeds us the most bullshit than anything or anyone else. I know it's easier said than done to ignore constant pain or to push through debilitating fatigue. Believe me, I've so been there. It's a long process to get sick and it can be a long process to get well. I used to tell my new moms on the maternity unit that it takes 9 months to get there and just as long to get back. Don't expect your body to bounce back faster than it took to create a human being! Be kind to it and love it for what it just accomplished.

You can have wellness even if you have trouble walking or are in a wheelchair, for example. You can also have wellness through chemotherapy treatments and even if faced with a terminal diagnosis. Wellness is not about the condition itself, it's about our relationship to the condition. The mind controls our body by releasing chemicals and hormones in response to our thoughts, beliefs and emotions. What is supposed to heal in our body will resolve when we stop creating unwellness in our mind. Old patterns and habits create imbalances in our diet, physical activity and sleep. The essential ingredient in every recipe for illness. How we treat our bodies says a lot about where we are in our minds. Curing and healing are synonymous, but you can also have healing without curing the disease.

So, how do you start down the road to wellness? Well, that is the million dollar question! There is no magic bullet or one size fits all healing modality. Healing is as personal as our individual symptoms, environment, and DNA. The common ground healing belief is that if you want it and believe it, than it's yours. If we keep our mind focused on how it feels to be healthy and well, our cells are freed up to do it's thing without the chemical and hormonal quicksand of constant stress. It can start with just knowing that something needs to change. Because, nothing changes if nothing changes. Combining healing of the mind with the care of your doctor will magnify the healing process. Working in synergy and without resistance.

Are you ready to heal your mind, body and spirit? I want to help you. Share your journey with us. Comment below with stories and questions. We all heal through each other's stories.

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